Nate's Picture Gallery

This is just a collection of pictures that I've acquired in the process of putting together this web page. Not all of them made it into other documents, and some were too pretty to waste, so here they are. Just click on the thumbnails to download the full size picture.

[EL-34 Glow] An EL-34 glowing in the dark. (20k)

[5881 Glow] A 5881, also in the dark. (27k)

[Victrola/AM Radio] The AM radio section of a friend's Victrola from the early twenties. There might be more when the restoration job is finished. (112k)

[Genie in a bottle] A picture I'm rather proud of. This is the genie that lives inside the bottle. Contrary to popular myth, the genie can only be made to serve you while it's still inside the bottle. It is very important that you not let the creature out, because in escaping the bottle, it can sometimes throw violent tantrums. Legend says that it sometimes devours transformers when upon escape or violent death.

The tube is the result of running edge detection on the 5881 above. The figure I drew in xfig, and combined with a fractal, enhancing the image of flames leaping off of the figure.. The flame background is taken from a photograph of a forest fire. All image editing was done using xv, xfig, and Gimp. (30k)

Both the EL-34 and 5881 pictures were taken by light of the tube itself. In order to get enough blue glow to show up for the pictures, I ran both the EL-34 and the 5881 into an open circuit, so these pictures may not look typical. I'd like to do some normal and abnormal example pictures at some point in the future, but I've not been able to get normal tube glow on film very well. (Nor sun beams/shadowed clouds, or nearly any other picture where I'm trying to photgraph the light itself, not the objects in the frame. Any real photographers want to clue me in?)

Nathan Stewart,
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